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Ian Curley

Left To Right PC 178C David Augustus Lilley, his brother Woolaston John Lilley and PC 144C John Downing

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Saturday 8th May 1850

Hertford Mercury and Reformer
Police Account. Summary of the Accounts of Mr. Philip Longmore, Treasurer for the County of Hertford, in Relation to the Police Force, from the 29th march, 1849, to the 30th march, 1850.

Balance in the hands of the Treasurer Easter Session, 1849 £1678.1s. 4 1/2p
Received balance at Easter Session, 1848, at 1 ¼ p in the £ = £10.2s.4 3/4p
Ditto Rate granted at Michaelmas Session, 1848, at 1 ¼ p in the £ = £312. 17s. 3 1/2p
Rate granted at Easter Session, 1849, at 1 ¼ p the £ = £3165. 1s 0 1/2p
Ditto Michaelmas Session, 1849, at 1 ¼ p in the £ = £3165. 1s 0 1/2p
Unpaid = £108. 4s. 10 3/4p
Of the Chief Constable, the amount Receipts for Prisoners conveyed to Gaol by the County Force, charged against the County Stock = £302. 3s. 9p
Of him – the amount of the like Receipts charged against the Liberty of St. Alban = £28. 19s. 10p
Of him – Fees and Allowances for the Services of the Force = £53. 18s. 0p
County Allowance at the Sessions and Assizes for the Services of the Force, cases of Felony, Etc. before Trial = £342. 8s. 3P
Total = £8950. 8s. 0 3/4p

Chief Constable’s Salary, One Year, to March, 1849 = £400
Men’s Pay (including Boot Allowance) = £4006. 13s. 2p
Carried to Superannuation Fund amount deducted from Men’s Pay, pursuant to the 3rd and 4th Vict., c.88. = £67.6s 4p
Clothing = £267. 12s 11p
Fitting-up and Rents, Etc., of Station Houses, under sec. 12 of the Act = £342.12s 7p
Forage for Horses = £386.19s. 5p
Oil and Cotton, Farriery, Saddlery, altering Clothing, Etc. = £157. 18s. 5p
Horse and Cart Hire = £255. 4s. 10p
Repairs of Carts = £61. 10s. 8p
Horse bought = £23
Subsistence of Prisoners and Extra Expenses of Constables in pursuit of Criminals = £359. 2s. 3p
Law Expenses = £27. 14s. 0p
Magistrates’ Clerks’ Fees = £7. 17s 0p
High Constables’ Salaries for Collecting the Police Rates = £72. 10s. 0p
Stationery in the Chief Constable’s Office, Advertisements, Postages, Etc. = £67. 1s. 3p
Treasurer’s Salary (One Year) = £50.
Clerk of the Peace’s Salary (One Year) = £35
Incidentals … = £11.10s. 0P
Total = £6,599 12s. 10d.
CHARGE … … … £8950. 8s. 0 3/4p
DISCHARGE … .£6,599. 12s 10p
Balance in the hands of the Treasurer = £2350. 15s 2 3/4
HERTS – The Accounts (of which the above is an Abstract) were examined and allowed on the 27th June, 10th October and 26th December, 1849, and 3rd April, 1850 :— GEO. J. BOSANQUET, C. W. PULLER, WILLIAM FRANKS, CHARLES J. DIMSDALE, W. J. BLAKE, WILLIAM PARKER.

Saturday 8th May 1850

Hertford Mercury and Reformer
Attempted Burglary. Charles Maddox was charged with attempting to break into the dwelling-house of Mrs. Happy, Pickford Mill, on the night of Sunday, the 28th ult. Mrs. Happy stated that after she had gone to bed on the 28th ult., she heard a noise, and looking out of the window, she saw the prisoner attempting to break open the shutters. She called out to him, and told him she would have him for the next day, when the prisoner immediately ran away.
Sentenced to three months.

12th May 1967

Watford Observer – Drug figures
Drugs-taking among young people came under the spotlight at two Watford meetings on Tuesday. But disturbing though the drug trend is, it does not appear to be as widespread in the district as many people fear. The Divisional Medical Officer of Health told the Observer that inquiries from various sources in the area during 1966 produced a total of 58 people thought to be taking drugs.

12 May 1999

General Order No. 19/1999
These Regulations came into force on 14 April 1999 and finally extend to serving police officers and police cadets the safeguards contained within the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 to the maximum extent possible, whilst recognising the need for effective policing to be maintained at all times.
The main implication of the Regulations are:
The definition of ‘employee’ in Health and Safety Regulations which were in force before the commencement of the Police (Health & Safety) Act 1997 is extended to include constables and police cadets (Regulation 2).
The Safety Representatives and Safety Committee Regulations 1977 are amended to make provision for certain named police staff associations to be treated as recognised trade unions (Regulation 3).
The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 are amended so that where there is an inevitable conflict between the exercise of police powers and an employer’s duty to ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is provided to employees, the duty shall be complied with so far as is reasonably practicable (Regulation 4).
The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 are amended so that work equipment used by the police for arrest, restraint, self-defence or as deterrent equipment must be suitable for use in any respect which it is reasonably foreseeable will affect the health or safety of a constable or police cadet (Regulation 5).

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