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William Henry Williams Unfit For Further Service
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William Henry Williams

It has not been possible to positively identify this man. No Army Service record survives and the Medal Roll Index Card, Medal Rolls, Silver War Badge transcript and partial burnt record are the best fit for the information given below from Police General Orders.

His Police Service Record has not survived but he is believed to have been appointed on 22nd July 1914 and commenced his training at Headquarters with PC’s Herbert Thomas Farrer, Frederick Hagger, Leonard Howard, Henry Owen, John Robert Rogers and William Henry Wightman. All seven are listed on General Order 118 of 21st July 1915 as being stationed in R Division and having been recalled to their military units. None had been issued with a warrant number indicating that they were all new recruits. The Police Service Records for Hagger, Howard and Rogers survived, and all show their appointment dates as 22nd July 1914 making a strong case for Farrer, Wightman, Owen and Williams to have joined at the same time.

General Order 118 of 21st July 1915 is a list of 96 officers which included the Chief Constable, 43 Constables who were Army reservists who were recalled and 50 Constables and 2 Sergeants who volunteered for military service. He is shown as PC with no number Williams W. R Div. recalled to the Essex Regiment on 04/08/1914.

General Order 13 of 15th November 1916 reads:
The undermentioned Reservist Police Constable’s having been discharged from HM Army as being no longer physically fit for War Service, and certified by the Constabulary Staff Surgeon to be unfit for further Police Services, have been struck off the strength of the Force, as from the date set forth opposite their respective names:
1. PC Williams W.H. R Division 26/08/1916
2. PC Farrer H.T. R Division 04/09/1916
3. PC 308 Bennett J.J.G. D Division 13/11/1916

The transcript of the award of the Silver War Badge reveals:
Name: William Henry Williams. Service number: 8892. Rank: Corporal. Enlistment date: 16th February 1907. Discharge date: 20th August 1916. Regiment/unit: Essex. Cause of discharge: Sickness Para 392 (xvi) King’s Regulation (No longer fit for War service). Whether served overseas: Yes. Badge number: 16472. Badge date of issue: 30/10/1916.

The Medal Roll Index Card and Medal Rolls show:
Corporal 8892 W. Williams 2nd Battalion Essex Regiment landed in France on 22nd August 1914. He was later awarded the 1914 Star and British War and Victory medals and applied for and was given his clasp and roses.

The burnt record shows details of witnesses and evidence given in the Court Martial of a Private Albert Algar of the 3rd Battalion Essex Regiment based at the Harwich Garrison who left his post as an ammunition guard on the night of 2nd/3rd March 1916. One of the witnesses was Acting Sergeant 8892 W.H. Williams 3rd Battalion Essex Regiment.

If anyone can offer any further information which can positively identify this man please comment below.

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