Smith, George Harold, 9, Police Constable.

Presentation to Former Police Officer.


Hertfordshire Mercury, 17th July 1915.

Second-Lieut. G.H. Smith, a former member of the Herts. Constabulary, was on Saturday presented with a handsome sword from his former comrades in the police force in commemoration of his promotion in the field of battle.  The sword was engraved with his name and the crest of his regiment, the R.H.A..  The presentation was made in the Court Room at Hatfield by the Deputy Chief Constable, Supt W. Wood, in the presence of a number of Lieut. Smith’s old comrades and his wife and little son.  Supt Wood said the members of the Force were all very proud of the honour that had been conferred upon their old comrade.  Supt Sullivan and Supt Peck also spoke with pride of Lieut. Smith, who in acknowledging the gift was deeply affected, and said he greatly appreciated the kindness which his friends had shown to him.  He was returning to the Front, and if he had occasion to use the sword he hoped he should do himself credit.  He described it as a two-edged sword, a police edge on one side and a military edge on the other.

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