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Saturday 24 August 1895

Herts. Advertiser
APSLEY END. Presentation Ex-Police Constable Charles Handley.
On Monday evening a public meeting was held the Village Club, Apsley End, for the purpose of presenting Mr. Handley with a testimonial in recognition of his long service as a police constable. Mr. A. H. Longman, J.P., C.C., Shendish, who made the presentation said it afforded him sincere pleasure to have been able to accept the invitation of the Handley Testimonial Committee to be present at this occasion. Mr. Handley had spent ten years and five months in the Army as a private in the Scots Guards, and 26 years in the Hertfordshire Constabulary. As a magistrate for this district he had had a good opportunity of knowing how well and faithfully Mr. Handley had discharged his various and multifarious duties, some of which been of a most onerous character, and had required considerable amount of discretion and tact to ensure giving general satisfaction. He could also say that brother magistrates had always held a good opinion of Mr. Handley, and he, the speaker, was heartily pleased to find that his services, were to be recognised. It showed that the inhabitants of the district had really appreciated his services, and had therefore much pleasure in asking Mr. Handley to accept the purse of money which amounted to £l7 18s., and trusted be would long be spared to enjoy the pension which had been granted to him from the Police Funds. Mr. Handley in accepting the testimonial, said he could only thank those present, and all who had so kindly contributed towards it, and especially did he feel indebted to Mr, Longman for making the presentation, and the committee desire most heartily to thank Mr. Chas Sansom for the great interest he had taken promoting the fund, and Mr. Geo. Pitkin who had so kindly undertaken and efficiently carried out the duties of hon. secretary. We may add that upon joining the army, Mr. Handley was drafted out to the Crimea, but upon arriving at Malta, peace was proclaimed, and some time after the Indian mutiny breaking out, the regiment was off to the East Indies, where Mr. Handley was attached to the field force under General Sir Hugh Rose, and upon returning home put in some service in Ireland. Upon Mr. Handley obtaining discharge, his character was marked Exemplary, his discharge papers from the police force, from which retired on superannuation on Ash Wednesday, being also similarly endorsed.

Saturday 26 August 1899

Herts. Advertiser
POLICE AND CYCLISTS. WARM TIME IN HERTFORDSHIRE. Reports showing how Busy and Zealous the Police Cycling Patrol Duty have been.
FUTILE PROSECUTIONS AT HATFIELD. the Hatfield Petty Sessions on Monday, before Mr. J. Lloyd and other Justices, there were several cases in which charges of furious riding were preferred against cyclists passing along the main road from Potter’s Bar to Hatfield. There were eight defendants in all, but in only two cases were convictions secured. One defendant, who ran away from the constable, when told stop, was fined 5 shillings and another, who ignored the summons, and did not appear, was fined 10 shillings and costs.

Saturday 22 August 1868

Herts. Advertiser
ASSAULTING THE POLICE. Frederick Giles was charged with assaulting Police Constable Gazeley, while in the execution of his duty, on the 16th instant. The prisoner pleaded Not Guilty.
Police Constable Gazeley: ‘On Saturday night last, the 16th inst., I was on duty in High Street, St Albans. About half-past twelve o’clock I heard someone singing at the top of their voice, against Mr. Blagg’s house. I made towards them, and found it was the prisoner. I requested him to leave of making such a noise, when he said “I‘ll see you @*$? first.” He still continued making great noise, and I took him into custody. He threw himself down and began to kick me on the thigh. Sergeant Pellant came up, and with his assistance the prisoner was brought to the police station. He was drunk at the time.’
Police Sergeant Pellant corroborated the last witness’s evidence. The prisoner was fined £5, or in default of immediate payment to suffer one month’s imprisonment.

Saturday 22 August 1863

Watford Observer
James Smith, a hawker, was charged with being drunk and assaulting Mr. Superintendent Hilsden. PC James Farr said he took the prisoner into custody for being drunk and creating a disturbance at the Three Crowns public-house. He was very violent and while at the police station kicked the Superintendent. Mr. Hilsden said that while he was searching him in the police cell the prisoner was very violent and kicked him several times. He was very drunk and refused his address. The prisoner in defence said he was drunk he did not know what he was about. He was fined 10s. and 15s. 6d. expenses, or in default to be committed for three weeks. Time for payment was refused.

25 August 1999

General Order No. 34/1999

A Constable from, St Albans Division
For bravery and commitment to duty in engaging a man armed with a Stanley knife threatening to harm himself and police officers, for the successful and appropriate deployment of CS spray, and the overpowering of the man without injury to the public and police officers.
A Constable from Dacorum Division
For tenacity and determination in finding a vehicle used in an armed robbery 5½ hours earlier, in a remote area of countryside and co-ordinating the additional police response, which led to the capture of two offenders nearby.


The DVLA introduced a new 2 part driving licence earlier this year, one part has the photo of the driver on (photocard) and the other part contains details of the driver’s history (Counterpart).
When officers issue an endorsable fixed penalty notice the driver must surrender BOTH parts of the licence either to the officer at the time or subsequently at the police station. A failure to surrender both parts means that the offence for which the FPN was issued cannot be dealt with under the fixed penalty scheme.
Unfortunately a large number of staff are failing to seize both parts of the licence which creates a significant amount of work in each case for staff in the Central Ticket Office.
If a motorist produces only one part of the licence he/she will have failed to comply with the legislation and the matter will be dealt with at court.
Under no circumstances should staff accept only one part of the licence, both must be seized and forwarded to the Central Ticket Office.

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