Fuller, Gerald, 442, Police Constable, Sergeant, Inspector.

Herts policeman 1948-1976 - Photos from a police career spanning 3 decades.

By Hilary K, with thanks to the Fuller family for providing photos and documents


Gerald Leonard Fuller was born in 1925 and joined the Hertfordshire Police Force at the age of 23.

His Service record shows that he was just over 5 ft 9, with hazel eyes and a scar under his left eye.

While still a Police Constable, probably in the late 1950s or early 1960s, he was photographed for the London Evening Standard riding the first wireless-equipped motorcycle to be used in the Hertfordshire Police. PC Fuller carried out his road-patrol duties on the bike for a month’s experimental period.

Shortly after this he was promoted to Detective Sergeant.

Course photo from the Detective Training School in Hendon. Fuller is in the back row, third from right

In November 1962 he took his qualifying exams for promotion. Subjects covered were: Law, practice and procedure in relation to crime; Law, practice and procedure in relation to traffic; Law practice and procedure in relation to general police duties; and Administration and organisation. He passed each subject and in February 1963 received notification from the Hertfordshire Constabulary that he had qualified to be an Inspector.

New police houses on Rye Street, Bishop's Stortford

...and the police are looking into it
After a successful career of 28 years in the Hertfordshire Police, Inspector Fuller retired in October 1976, with his conduct during service being given as exemplary on his retirement certificate.


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  • I first came across ‘Tosh’ Fuller, when I moved from Watford Central to Bishops Stortford to take up a police house on marriage.

    He must have lived in the same house, which I took occupation of, previously because one day a letter arrived for him and I took it into the station.

    He opened it and said, ‘Bloody ‘ell, I’ve won on the premium bonds’. I waited expectantly to see if he would offer me a drink for being the bearer of good news but sadly, it was not to be.

    During my probationer CID training, he took me out on patrol a few times and noted on one occasion, something attracted his attention, so he tried to put his head through the window of the CID traveller, to get a better view; the only thing was he neglected to open it first.

    As I understand it, at the time his wife had ill health and on early turn, he could often be seen going down to Tesco’s in South Street to do the shopping at 8am before going on duty.

    He was already a legend in the force; he would stand no nonsense, yet he had a generous spirit, despite never getting that drink for his premium bond win. But he was loved by all.

    Later in service I was posted to CID at Watford Central when I came across him again.

    It is reputed that one night, there had been a disturbance at the Top Rank, so he got on the stage and announced that he was closing it down for the night.

    I attended his retirement do, as well as many others and the lasting memory he left was the Frank Sinatra record, ‘I did it my way’, being played.

    Yes, Tosh you did and you had the fullest respect and admiration of everybody who worked with you, for doing just that.

    By Mike (Monty) Meehan (26/04/2020)
  • His wife Gertrude was / is related to my mum.

    Gertrude’s great great grandmother was Susan Hopping.

    She married George Draper.

    Susan’s dad Daniel’s brother (William’s) son Charles, is our line of the Hoppings. Who are the NZ line of the Hoppings.

    So, Erin Fuller would also be related to me / my mum 🙂

    By Paul Walker (24/02/2018)
  • Included in the standing group in the doorway is Inspector Denis WEST on the left and Detective Constable Victor Reginald HUMPHREYS in plain clothes on the right.

    By Richard Liversidge (18/08/2016)
  • It’s so nice to see these photographs on display to honour an amazing career. I’m a very proud Grandaughter and just wish I could tell him now.

    By Erin Fuller (30/12/2015)
  • The last picture on the bottom right showing the search of farm buildings I suspect was the search for Harry Roberts when he was on the run after the murder of 3 Met Policemen. He was found in a hideout on a farm near to Bishops Stortford.

    By John Halsey (24/02/2014)