Can anyone help identify this Herts Police Officer ?


This photo was in an album my grandmother had.

She grew up in Bishop’s Stortford but I don’t remember her ever telling me who this man was.

Can anyone provide any information, maybe based on the uniform / collar number ?

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  • To Brian Homans – Stuart Jackson was 315 (still an excellent memory from 50 + years ago though).

    The Official Police records will come up with 2 options.
    John Arthur Kent who joined 24/2/1940 & Retired 12/3/1959
    Arthur Samuel Brown Joined 9/3/1914 and Retired 8/3/1939

    I would lean towards Arthur Brown.

    Nik Pringle

    By Nik Pringle (10/08/2019)
  • From the uniform I would suggest this is probably Pc Alfred Charles 316, who served from 1931 to 1955 at Watford Division

    By Ian Curley (25/06/2019)
  • I cannot be absolutely certain as I am going from memory, but when I was a police cadet at Watford in 1958, there was a Sergeant stationed there whose name was Stuart Jackson and I am fairly sure that his number was 316.

    Does the name Jackson ring any bells with the enquirer ?

    Also, is it possible that the officer may have been a lodger with the family, as it was common practice for single officers to live in ‘digs’ at private houses, as indeed I did myself in the early days of my service.

    By Brian Homans (02/04/2019)