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Saturday 26 April 1890

Watford Observer
George Brown was charged with stealing eight planks of wood, the property of William Judge, builder, Watford, on the 22nd April.
Police constable Reeves. 604 S, stated; ‘About quarter past 7 o’clock in the morning of Tuesday, the 22nd April, I was in Villiers Road New Bushey, and saw the prisoner’s son driving a donkey and cart. There was something in the bottom covered over with two sacks, and I stopped him. I pulled the sack on one side, and saw that he had eight pieces of deal in the cart. I asked him how he got possession of them, and be said that Mr. Herkomer had given them to his father. I afterwards met the prisoner, told him what I had done, and asked him to account for the possession of the wood. He said that Mr. Judge gave him permission take the wood. I said, “Are you quite sure of that?” He then said, “I might as well tell you the truth, I took it. I’m going away to-day. I hope you’ll take no further notice of it and I’ll put the wood back.’’ I then told him I should take him to Bushey Police Station’. I went Mr. Judge, builder. High-street, Watford, who came and charged the prisoner. William Judge, builder, Watford, said that the prisoner had been working for him till just before Christmas, when he introduced him to the gentleman be had been working for since. He had not given the prisoner permission to take any wood. The prisoner had been working on land where he had just been building a house, at the bottom of Clay Hill. The value of the wood, which identified as his, was 3s. 6d. He asked the Bench to be lenient as possible with the prisoner, but hoped this might be an example to others. The prisoner had been well conducted hitherto, and was good labourer. The prisoner asked the Bench to deal with the case, and that he was very sorry; he had never done such a thing before. The Chairman said in consideration of the prosecutors recommendation they would give the prisoner the option of paying a fine. The fine would be £2, with 14s. costs. In default, one month’s imprisonment with hard labour. It was a bad case, robbing his old employer. The prisoner was allowed a fortnight to pay.

General Order No.17/1999 28 April, 1999

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Saturday 28th April 1900

Herts. Advertiser
A special sitting of Welwyn magistrates was held on Monday, when Col. R, B. Fellows and Mr. G. Hoore were in attendance.  John White, 28, labourer, who refused to give his address or any account himself, was charged with assaulting and beating Albert Harman, on the night of April 20th, and further with assaulting P.c. Robert Walter Earith while in the execution his duty at Welwyn, at the same time and place. Prisoner pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor said: Last Friday night myself and my friend Roach were going to our lodgings in Mill-lane. Welwyn, when the prisoner came and asked us for a match, both struck a match for him, and then saw he had a match one hand and & box of matches in the other. The prisoner then gave me a violent blow side of the face which knocked me down, and also kicked me with great violence on the leg and made use of obscene language towards us. We had not given him the slightest provocation for this. He is a stranger to us. Charles Roach said: I am lodging in Mill-lane Welwyn. About 11,20 on Friday night, I and Harman were walking down to our lodgings. The prisoner was standing against a brick wall in Mill Lane. He stepped forward and asked for a light when we got opposite him. Both of us were going to accommodate him, but he would not accept a light from us and made use of some foul remarks. He then had box of matches in his hand and said he would fight the two us. He struck my friend a blow on the cheek, which felled him to the ground. He struck me on the neck, but I did not touch him. I saw the prisoner strike the policeman in most brutal manner. P.c. Earith, Welwyn, said: I was on duty in Welwyn on Friday night, when I heard someone call out, “Oh, you cowardly brute” and I went to see who it was. I saw the witnesses there with the prisoner and soon I got to them the prisoner dealt me a terrific blow, and knocked me down. He struck me twice, and kicked me once. Before I could recover myself he had run away. I was in uniform at the time. The prisoner was apprehended early the next morning, The magistrates sentenced prisoner fourteen days’ hard labour for each case (28 days altogether).

General Order No.17/1999 28 April, 1999.

Applications are invited from Constables for forthcoming vacancies within the Welwyn Hatfield Divisional Control Room. Based at Hatfield, the Control Room serves both the Welwyn Hatfield and St Albans Divisions, employing a total of 22 police and support staff on both a full-time and part-time basis. The successful applicants will be part of teams of Police and Support Staff and should be capable of working in a busy and varied environment. They will, on occasion, be expected to accept responsibility for the deployment of resources across the whole spectrum of policing incidents, working closely with Force Operations Room and local resource supervisors and managers. Forthcoming developments in Police communications within the force with the introduction of the new boundaries, the Single Tier Environment Project and Public Safety Radio Communications Project, make this an exciting and fast moving time to be part of the DOR team with opportunities to contribute and influence the changes that will shortly arrive.

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