Hadder, Arthur John and Hadder, William.

Appeal for information

By Diane Quinn

I think my grandfather transferred from the City of London Police to Watford around the 1900’s.

I am searching his ancestry.

I have photos of him and his brother in uniform.

I think Grandad’s number was C104; his brother 149.

Their names were Arthur John Hadder and William Hadder.

Can you verify this, please ?


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  • Diane

    A William Hadder joined Herts 17/1/1894 as Pc 8. He subsequently retired 5/2/1920 having reached the rank of Sgt at Stevenage. He died on the 12/3/1954

    Nik Pringle
    Herts Police Historical Society

    By Nik Pringle (09/07/2015)
  • Diane,  If you ring Herts Police Headquarters, 01707 354000  and ask to speak to someone connected to The Hertfordshire Police Historical Society you may be lucky concerning your two police brothers.

    By John Halsey (11/10/2014)
  • Diane – if you search this site for  Hadder  using the box on the top right of the page you’ll find there are a few newspaper reports listed which mention a PC or PS Hadder. They date from 1906, so could refer to your Grandad.

    By Hilary K (08/10/2014)