Austin A95 Area Cars

Brian Homans

In 1958, after many years of using Wolseleys as Area Cars, the Hertfordshire Constabulary moved to Austins and the A95 3 litre, 6 cylinder model became the Area Car of the day. This was before the time of blue lights, and the cars had a Winkworth bell, a PA speaker and a foglamp mounted at the front on a substantial steel bracket fabricated in house by the staff of HQ Garage, which was at that time located at Mill Green. This example of the A95 was the St Albans Area Car pictured in 1958 at Wheathampstead Common, near to where the body of murder victim, Ann Noblett was found.
For the first time in my life, I travelled at 90 mph in one of these cars when I was a cadet. The driver was Bill Innes of Watford.
(Press photo, possibly from the North Herts Gazette, given to me many years ago)

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  • I was detailed to guard the body overnight to keep vermin away, before a forensic examination was carried out. She had been frozen prior to discovery.

    By Reg Marshall (25/08/2021)