Constable Roddis sent for trial for perjury

Hertfordshire Mercury, 4th January 1913


On Tuesday, for the fourth time, the ‘Letchworth Dog’ case occupied the attention of the Hitchin Bench.

In November 1912 a case was brought against Mr Jack Oppermann, of Letchworth, for keeping a dog without a licence. He stated that the dog was under age and that he had purchased the dog from a Mr Chambers when it was a few weeks old in July of 1912 and that all the time that it was in his possession, the dog had worn a collar inscribed ‘Ernest Chambers, The Leys, Letchworth’.

P.c. Roddis in proving the identity of the dog, swore in court that it wore a collar with the name ‘J Oppermann, 25 Station Road, Letchworth’ upon it, as he had stopped the dog and copied the name and address from the dog’s collar.  Mr Oppermann denied this, asserting that no such collar was or ever had been in existence.

Mr Opperman was convicted and fined 10 shillings.

Immediately afterwards Mr Oppermann issued advertisments offering a £20 reward for information proving that the dog had ever worn a collar with his name on it and a committee of local tradesmen was appointed to investigate any such evidence tendered.

No evidence of this was forthcoming but a number of people came forward to prove that they had seen the dog wearing the ‘Chambers’ collar at various times.  As a result Mr Oppermann started proceedings against P.c. Roddis for perjury.

At the hearing on Tuesday 31st December 1912, after hearing the evidence, P.c. Roddis was committed for trial at the next Assizes, bail being set at £5.


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