Austin A60 - "F" Division area car, 1964

John Weeks

23rd August 1964. The “F” Division (St Albans) area car, call sign Foxtrot 3. This picture of me was taken by Horace Watkins, I think at Nomansland. These Austin A60 estate cars had replaced the previous Austin A99 saloons but the drivers – Horace or Vic Horne were the ones for my shift – always complained that they were underpowered as compared with previous vehicles and, as far as I can remember, they were soon replaced. The observer was always someone from the shift.

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  • I had the pleasure of working with both Horace Watkin and Vic Horn. Both were real characters and very much did things as per old school ways. NB. Vic’s surname does not have an ‘E’ on the end unlike mine. – David Horne Retired PC 359- served-1967-1999.

    By David Horne (26/06/2018)