Gale, Godfrey ‘Geoff’, 569, Police Constable.

Richard Liversidge

Constable Gale joined Hertfordshire Constabulary as a Cadet in 1947 and served through to 1980.
Geoff is pictured here in the control room at Hatfield Police Station in 1953.
Geoff’s grandfather, Constable 46F John KNIGHTS, served in the Constabulary from 27th November 1889 to 26th March 1919 and was one of 13 officers in the Constabulary to receive the King’s Coronation Medal in 1911.
His son, PC 540 Clive GALE, also joined the Constabulary as a Cadet and served between 1975 and 2005.

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  • Geoff Gale was a legend, based at Maryate out station.
    I knew him through two periods from 1968 to 1970 when I was a Pc at Hemel Hempstead, then again when I returned on promotion to Sergeant, and than his son, Clive Gale joined me on my group.
    Geoff was an ‘old time first rate bobby, with bags of common sense, portly and cheerful, who had his patch tied up through knowing everybody and hardly anything moved without him knowing about it, highly respected by his community and his colleagues.
    It was a pleasure to have known him and also his son, Clive, who went to CID.

    By Mike (Monty) Meehan (13/04/2020)