Riley Patrol Cars

Brian Homans

Riley RM patrol car with PC Ron Petts
Riley RM patrol car with PC Frank ??? (maybe Frank Allen)
Rear end of Riley RM, KAR 83

I had been studying the history of Hertfordshire police cars for many years and was not aware that the force had ever used Rileys. However, in 2015 I was sent some photos by Jean Campkin, the widow of the late PC Ron Petts showing Ron with some police cars. One of them shows a Riley RM model although few other details are known. One of the photos shows Ron Petts standing by a Riley. The front of the image is blurred, but there is a second photo with another officer, called Frank ??? (maybe Frank Allen), which better shows the front of the car with a police bell fitted. It is not possible to read the registration number clearly but it looks like ?RO ???. The original prints were tiny, 2″ square, and I was unable to obtain any better scans from them.

I asked if the Historical Society had any other photos of Riley police cars and the only one they could find was a brief view of the boot of one register KAR 83 which is inside a dark garage.

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