Police Constable George Hobby dies on duty

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 17 July1847



Coroner’s inquest. On Tuesday an inquest was held at the Roman Urn, Cheshunt, on view of the body of George Hobby, a policeman.

Edward Meredith, of Cheshunt, examined: I am a Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police; the deceased was a Private Constable in the same force; he was about 39 years old. I’d made arrangements to go to Gravesend with him, and he came to my house about 7.30 this morning the purpose of accompanying me; he came into my house and I told him to take a chair; he did so and I then observed to him something about our coats, in a joke, he made a short answer, and then his head dropped a little on one side; I then looked at him again, and I observed a great change in his countenance; I took hold of him, and got some vinegar and water, and I think that in less than a minute after he died.

I sent for medical assistance immediately; he had not been in my house four minutes before he died; he had been unwell, and had been under treatment for the disease of the heart, but not so unwell as to leave duty, we were going on a pleasurable excursion; he had been on duty part of the preceding night. I saw him between one and two early this morning; he then appeared as well as usual; he had been in the force about 17 years; he was married and had one child.

William Trollope, assistant to Mr Beaumont, surgeon, of Cheshunt, stated that death was caused by disease of the heart.

Verdict-“Died by the visitation of God.”

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