Wolseley 6/80 Area Cars, 1948 - 1954

Brian Homans

Wolseley 6/80 cars at Watford Central, circa 1952.
Wolseley 6/80 with PC 156 Eric Richardson

In 1948, Wolseley brought out a new 6 cylinder engined car, designated the Wolseley Six Eighty and it rapidly became the archetypal police car of that era. Hertfordshire had quite a number of them and they could be found all over the County. One of the photos shows some of these cars lined up in the yard at Watford Central Police Station around 1952, with Chief Superintendent Harry Smith in the centre of the picture. The officer closest to him is Pc Bill Innes and on the opposite side of NUR 130 is PC Laurie Dumpleton. This photo is courtesy of Hertfordshire Police Historical Society. The other photo shows a single car with PC 156 Eric Richardson.

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