Hussey, William Henry, 306, Police Constable.

Chris Hussey

Football team

Hello, I have been researching my great uncle William Henry Hussey for some time now, with some fascinating discoveries and although family history past down about his police career was brief, I was put in contact with Paul Watts and was overjoyed by his research into Williams life in the police.

As many newspaper articles featured in newspaper archives about his arresting a burglar as well as jumping on the car, took place in Royston, I contacted Royston museum via Twitter to share.

They placed his name into their computer records and this photo of William in a football team came up.

Interestingly though, there were 4 names ; one being P.C. Hussey.

Back row 3rd from left with moustache.

It indicates this could be a police football side.

Any additional information would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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  • Chris
    Any idea of year, to help with indexing ?
    Also, your name, to add as contributor.

    By David Lewis (03/12/2019)