Notable Events In Week Four

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This Week In History.


Formation of the Hertford Borough Police under Henry Bishop as Superintendent and John Wilmot, George Gray, James Neale and George Mosers as Constables. All of these were given to the Borough by the Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis (Met.Police).   They were not very efficient……..Neale lasted 6 days, Gray & Moses less than a month. Bishop himself lasted 5 years before resigning & being replaced by Superintendent George Duncan. Wilmott was to the last of the founding members when he was dismissed in 1840.


22nd of January 1977, officers were engaged on duty at Watford in connection with football match against Southend United. A number of disturbances occurred, before, during and after the game resulting in the arrest of 18 people for public order offences.


On the 25th January 1987 the Divisional Control Rooms (DOR) utilising the new Command & Control system goes live. At the same time the Force’s vehicles are fitted with “encoders”, which allow their crews to update their duty status, i.e. availability for assignment, arrival at a scene on the computer directly with a few button presses which takes up significantly less airwave time than voice messages to do the same.


Constable Frederick Gothard was disciplined for the following: Neglect of duty. 1. Did fail without good and sufficient cause to work his beat in accordance with orders. 2. Did without good and sufficient cause, leave his beat without permission or authority of a superior officer. 3. Did idle and gossip on duty at Watford on 21 January 1934. Found guilty on all three charges and reduced a grade to pay, i.e. four shillings per week for six months from 26 January 1934.



A Constable from Watford Three Rivers Division for Initiative, drive and co-ordinating abilities in promoting, enforcing and managing both a Registered Door Person Scheme coupled with a Pub Watch Scheme in the night-club area of Watford Town Centre, the outcome of which has significantly contributed to a reduction of street assaults and enhanced community safety. (General Order 4 of 1999)

January 1999

Boundary Change – New Divisional Structure.

On 1st April 2000, Hertfordshire Constabulary will take over responsibility for policing those areas of the county currently served by the Metropolitan Police Service. After careful consideration, based on wide ranging and detailed research, the Chief Constable has approved the formation of two new divisions to cover these areas. One will be coterminous with the borough of Broxbourne and other will be coterminous with the borough of Hertsmere. The Broxbourne Division will include: Hoddesdon, Broxbourne and Cheshunt. The Hertsmere Division will include: Borehamwood, Potters Bar, Radlett and Bushey.

Each division will have its own Superintendent supported by a management team. However, administrative support will be provided from existing units on other divisions. The details of these arrangements have yet to be worked out, although staff in the existing units will be fully consulted and involved in the process. In order to get a head-start, the new divisional commanders will be approved well before the date of change together with their management team. These officers will spend time developing contacts with community representatives, local politicians and staff in key agencies. The decision to set up these new divisions, strongly supported by the Police Authority, will be of great operational value in ensuring a high quality of service is provided throughout the whole of Hertfordshire, not least in implementing the work arising from the Crime & Disorder Act. (General Order 4 of 1999)

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