Nine Pints of The Law

Royston Police Station

By David Lewis

Nine Pints of the Law, by Jedd

Two images :

1)   Reproduction of an original ‘Nine Pints of the Law’ painting by ‘Jedd’ , and

2)   Reconstruction by serving Police Officers at Royston Police Station. Photograph taken 10th October 1990.

The Officers are  (left to right) :

Constable 813 Steve Gibbs

Constable 449 Jeff Mason                  appointed 25-7-1973

Constable 1173 Steve Edwards

Constable Neil Morrison

Sergeant 258 John E Halsey

Constable 35 David Turner                 appointed  17-12-1973

Constable 1374 Phil Pearce                appointed  1-9-1974

Constable 346 John Williams              appointed  17-12-1973

Sergeant 1260 Arthur Brown              (died 1994)


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  • This picture was taken on my last official day before retiring on the 10th October 1990. I joined the Herts Police as a Cadet in August 1959 and was appointed a Constable on the 20th January 1962.

    By John HALSEY (15/07/2015)
  • This photo was taken for the retirement of Sgt John Halsey in front of the now Defunct Police Station in Priory Lane and was known as ‘None for the road’ as all officers were holding tea mugs. It was a surprise for John and he had no uniform with him so he borrowed a tunic from Sgt Arthur Brown.

    Since the photo was taken sadly 3 officers have passed away Arthur Brown, James Neil Morrison and Phil Pearce.

    By Steve Edwards (11/11/2014)