Traffic officers, North Watford

Wall mounted photos

By David Lewis

Photo number 1
Photo Number 2
Photo Number 3
Photo Number 4
Photo Number 4
Photo Number 5
Photo Number 6

Sorting through old photos, I came across these six ‘snapshots’ which I took of wall-mounted group photos at the North Watford Traffic Base, which I understand is no longer there.

The quality is not that good, but most of the names are legible, and might be of interest to former Traffic Officers.

I don’t know where the originals are. Perhaps it will jog someone’s memory so the originals can be published.

These are the names I have transcribed from the copies I have :


Photo Number 1.             (Untitled)

(Back Row) : Alec Haslett, Dick Carter, Derek Inns, Roger Howe, Jack Lawrence, Phil Andrews, Keith Ashton, Jim Dungey, Bob Kent, Dave Horne

(Front Row) : Dave Whitehead, Bill Wells, Dave Westoby, Dick Homans, Derek Phillips, Mick Gale, Trevor Ward, Garth Lee, Ian Husband, Colin Moderate, Horace Watkins,


Photo number 2.              North Watford Traffic Base 1987

(Back) : Ian Hunt, Derek Shine, Colin Froy, John Anderson, Chris Stevens, David Champion, Crawford Simkins, Dean Watts, Nigel Brown, Mick Fogarty, Ian Dowse, Bob Kent, Nigel Flitton, Garth Lee

(Middle) : Dick Allen, Jason Connell, Terry Buck, Gary Richards, Steve Foster, Peter Scott, Mick Ward, Geoff Andrews, Mick Jordan, Martin O’Dwyer, Steve Tarbox, Peter Adams, Ian Bell, Julian Hales

(Front) : Roy Miller, Sue Burrows, Lynn Miller, Tony Burden, Malcom Speirs, Bob Stacey, Mark Custerson, Trevor Johnson, Keith Emmerson, Alex Cruickshanks, Linda Worthington, Alan Maskell, Martin Sears


Photo number 3.              (Untitled – in reflective jackets)

(Back) : Insp Jim Henderson, Insp Peter Westwood, Supt Doug Cooper, C /Insp Dick Bowyer, Insp Martin Goss, PC Dom Ford

(Front) : Sgt Tony Burden, PC Martin Sears, PC Colin Froy,  Sgt Dick Light


Photo number 4.              (Untitled)

The following are shown in this photograph:

Chief Inspector S. Cavender; Inspector W. Hayes; Inspector P. Westwood; 1036 Sergeant I. Alexander; 1000 Sergeant D. Drury; 514 Sergeant R. Light; 261 Sergeant N. Parsons; 1219 Sergeant P. Pedlingham; 477 Sergeant R. Smith; and Constables 1270 P. Adams; 1524 R. Balaam; 1713 S. Beaton; 1278 R. Bowdery; 249 T. Buck; 1131 M. Burrows-Gee; 252 N. Carlisle; 1413 P. Chenery; 62 L. Cox; 465 S. Cruse; 1762 J. Czuba; 1589 N. Emmerson; 964 D. Ford; 271 C. Froy; 1700 B. Gamble; 1520 L. Gray; 1719 S. Gwinnett; 1710 P. Hardcastle; 1674 R. Hauxwell; 1022 I. Hunt; 1607 P. Jones; 1645 C. Kent; 835 I. Marsh; 1383 M. O’Dwyer; 1552 N. Ord; 1492 W. Owens; 615 S. Parrott; 1323 T. Pearman; 1387 S. Pratt; 1143 J. Sanders; 439 J. Smiles; 1489 P. Stokes; 543 C. Thrale; 1490 G. Tovey; 267 R. Ward; 761 C. Warncken; 1347 P. Watts; 1330 D. Watts; 1750 A. Waudby; 1399 R. Weeks and 1592 S. Williams.


Photo number 5.              Buncefield 2005

(Back) : PC King, PC Hill, PC Evans, PC Scott, PC Knights

(Front) : PS Hill, PC Jepson


Photo number 6.              Western Area Road Policing Unit. November 2004

PCs Tim Hill, Tony Knibb, Dave Pearce, Mike Woods, Matt Lacey, Shaun Buchanan, Neil Tomlinson, Richard March, Terry Buck.

PCs Martin Tanner, Nick Lillitou, Martin O’Dwyer, Glen Hill, Bob Gabbey, Lee Bruzas, Jacqui Miles, Lee Thompson

PCs Ian Dowse, Matt Rowdene, Keith Evans, Mick Vinsen, Clive Warnckden, Louise Warnckden, Brian Gamble, Kevin Ball, Phil Stokes, Ali Elderfield

Sgts Chris Drury, Andy Rorks, Ali Hickman, Insp Jim Grassie, Sgts Paul Campbell, Andy Nayler, Nigel Eastaugh, PCs Paul Jepson, Carol Scott.



David Lewis


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  • Photo no 3 was taken at the Met, Police Club, Bushey the week prior to the setting up of the Motorway Division around 1992.

    By Doug Cooper (18/10/2019)
  • I would very much like to contact Nigel Flitton, to inform him of my father’s death. Any details you could give me of how to contact him would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    By Christine McGinty (Rees) (26/04/2017)
  • I’m sorry to hear of your father’s death.I’ll pass this onto a colleague who can forward it to Nigel as I don’t have his details.
    Sue Stratton

    By Sue Stratton (30/04/2017)
  • Photo number 6 was taken approx Oct/Nov 2004

    By paul jepson (21/11/2014)
  • Dear Mr Lewis. I can confirm that the originals were rescued before North Watford police was closed and are currently sat in the Constabulary’s archives at Police Headquarters, WGC. The task of scanning all of them is currently on the Historical Society’s long list of ‘things to do’ but I’m confident our growing team of volunteers will get round to it at some point. Kind regards. Andy Wiseman.

    By ANDY WISEMAN (10/11/2014)