General Sir John French

Mutual Aid To Cambridge Borough Police

Paul Watts

Sir John French

The Cambridge Borough Police called upon local Police Forces to assist with the Policing of a visit by General Sir John French to Cambridge in 1903.

(Abridged) Published in the Cambridge Daily News on Tuesday 20th January 1903 under the headline Sir John French At Cambridge. Civic Honours. The Freedom Of The Borough: This morning in Cambridge, through her representatives, the Town Council, conferred upon General Sir John French the greatest honour in her power to bestow the Freedom the Borough. Lord Kitchener is the first name the first on the roll of Cambridge Freemen, and it is particularly fitting that the name of General French should follow that of his illustrious Commander in the South African War. seeing that the reason officially stated for conferring the freedom upon him is his “conspicuous and gallant services in South Africa.”

General Order 1 of the 17th January 1903 announced the details of a contingent of Herford County Constabulary Officers who were detailed to attend as follows: The undermentioned party (25) of Police are detailed for duty in the Borough of Cambridge to parade at the Borough Police Office at 5.45 p.m. on Monday 19th January 1903 on the occasion of the visit of Lieut. General Sir john French. (Under agreement Sect. 25 of the Police Act 1890).

Supt J. Reynolds DCC (In charge), Sgt. Elderton 164A, Sgt. Draper 4B, Sgt. Perry 108F, PC Freeman 198A, PC Gray 129A, PC Megaughey 24A, PC Alton 21B, PC Saunders 168B, PC Farrer 148B, PC Threader 52C, PC Turner 32D, PC Moles 137E, PC Angell 118E, PC Gravestock 163E, PC Warren 55E, PC Snow 127E, PC Hadder 8E, PC Gray 170E, PC Mead 196E, PC Hart 36E, PC Wright 22E, PC Wright 206F, PC Hentall 72F, PC Hagger 171R.

Dress: Undress trousers (1902 issue), Tunic, Great coat, Leggings, Capes rolled and usual appointments. Black gloves.

Applications for railway fares to be submitted to this office as soon as possible on return to their stations.

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