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The action of Constable Edward T Pennicott 152 “C” in stopping a runaway horse in Queens Road, Watford on Thursday, 1 January 1925, has been brought to the notice of the Chief Constable. The report shows that the constable to of acted promptly and with courage and the Chief Constable hereby commends Constable Pennicott and directs an appropriate entry made on the Constable’s record of service. (General Order 1 of 1925)


Prisoners in custody.

Divisional Superintendents will make arrangements in their respective divisions in order to afford every member of the force visiting a police station where a prisoner is detained on a charge of felony or other serious crime an opportunity for seeing the prisoner or prisoners with a view to identification in the future. Police officers seeing prisoners under these circumstances are not permitted to converse with the prisoners, unless direct authority so to do has been given by the Superintendent. (General order 2 of 1925)


At the Hertfordshire Assizes on Tuesday, 13 February 1923, the judge the Right Honourable Sir Charles Darling, complemented Constable Arthur Prentis, 338 of C division on the intelligence shown by him in stopping Stephen Brown, alias Arthur Jackson at Watford at 4 am on 13 January 1923, and insisting on his being searched which led to the discovery that Brown was in possession of housebreaking implements. The Chief Constable is much pleasure in directing that an appropriate entry be made on the Constable’s record sheet. General order 38 of 1923



A Detective Sergeant from Watford Three Rivers Division and a Detective Constable from Watford Three Rivers Division For displaying outstanding perseverance and investigative ability leading to the arrest and charge of five offenders for offences of Attempted Murder and Violent Disorder in Watford.
A Constable from St Albans Division, Courageously and selflessly caught an inebriated woman who had jumped from a first floor window, thereby saving her from certainly serious and possibly fatal injuries.

Good Work Minute.

A Constable from North Herts Division For initiative and local knowledge on 11 November 1998 at Hitchin in that the Officer covertly noted the movements of an individual who was later charged with murder.
A Constable from Headquarters, Dog Section For tenacity and courage on 9 December 1998 at Welham Green in pursuing and tackling two men suspected of burglary despite being sprayed in the face with a form of incapacitant liquid and assaulted. (General Order 2 of 1999)

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