Crouch, Gerald Loder, 330, Police Constable.

Richard Liversidge

Constable B330 Gerald Loder ‘George’ CROUCH served in the Constabulary from 1913 to 1945.

The pictures show the change in police uniform.

PC Crouch is seen here in the ‘D’ Division football team, standing in the back row to the right of the goalkeeper.

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  • Hertfordshire Police General Orders entry – 6/3/1926
    Great coats are provided for the purpose of affording extra warmth during cold weather; capes will not be worn for that purpose. Capes will as a rule only be worn
    when it is wet or when cycling. Members of the force are permitted to wear great coats at their discretion but during the months October to April will be required to
    wear great coats when parading for duty. If the weather does not necessitate the wearing of a greatcoat whilst on duty, the garment may be left at the police station
    until required or until parading to report off duty, whichever is the shorter period. In order to equalise the wear of the front of the greatcoat, they will be buttoned on the right or left side, week by week alternately commencing on Sunday in each week.
    This order will be retrospective as from first of January and for the week commencing 7 March, great coats will be buttoned on the right side.

    By Richard Liversidge (28/02/2018)