Appearances can be deceptive

Hertfordshire Mercury, 11th April 1914


At the Hitchin Petty sessions on Tuesday, a smartly dressed young lady of refined appearance, named Marjorie Vaughan, of Halton, Leeds, pleaded guilty to stealing a gold ring, set with corals, value £2, the property of Mrs C.D.Stephenson, the wife of Mr Stephenson, the headmaster of Letchworth School.

The evidence showed that the defendant had been acting as nurse to Mrs Stephenson, but had left on 25th March.  After she had left, some jewellery had been found to be missing.  Inspector Wright, of Leeds Constabulary, interviewed the prisoner at her residence at which time she admitted that she had gone by the name of Nurse Nicholson, but that she was the wife of a schoolmaster at Saltley, Birmingham, by the name of Vaughan, and that she had only been married the year before.  When questioned about the missing jewellery she denied all knowledge, but afterwards confessed to taking the ring on a sudden impulse and that she was very sorry.

Describing it as a very sad case, the Chairman said that the Bench had no alternative but to convict her, but had decided to deal leniently with her, and would thus place her on probation for a year.  Her husband, who was present, was accepted as surety.

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