Out for a duck - theft of ducks - petty sessions

Hertsfordshire Mercury, 22nd December 1906


William Cannon, of no home, was charged with stealing two ducks, value 5 shillings, from an outhouse at 132, Crossbrook Street, Cheshunt, on December 11th. Joseph Horton Kirby, a dairyman, stated that on December 11th, about 8.30 p.m., he went to the duckhouse at the rear of his premises, and as his son said there was a man inside he sent for the Police.

Before they arrived the man tried to escape through the window, but as it was too small he dislodged five or six tiles from the roof and tried to escape that way. The Police then arrived and took him into custody. Witness saw two dead ducks at the Police Station, which were his property, and he valued them at 5 shillings. PS Balcombe stated he went to the premises and in a shed where defendant had been detained he found two dead ducks hidden in a disused milk-churn. They were quite warm and bleeding.

PC Heath stated that he found defendant in the outhouse, and on the way to the Station he said ‘”he had had a drop of beer and went in there to sleep.” He was covered from head to foot with ducks’ down, and appeared to have been drinking. Defendant said it was a very foggy night, and he found himself in the yard. He heard someone coming and being frightened went into the shed, but did not see any ducks. The Bench fined him £1 or 14 days. Defendant asked if it was hard labour, and upon being answered in the affirmative he was taken away smiling, being evidently pleased with the prospect of spending Christmas in prison.

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