Storing cash under the mattress is not a good idea

Hertfordshire Mercury, 16th December 1917


Annie Perry (17), a domestic servant of 1 Admiral’s Walk, Hoddesdon, was charged with having stolen £24. 10s, the money of Frederick Pallett.  Mrs Kate Pallet, of 2 Admiral’s Walk, said that she occasionally employed the prisoner on domestic duties.  On the 16th December 1917, the witness and her husband had counted out £30 and £16 in £1 treasury notes.  These were then tied in two bundles, and the witness put them in a tin box which she then placed under the spring mattress of the bed.  On Christmas day, she went to the box and missed the £16 roll of notes, while noticing that £8.10s had been taken from the other bundle.

Inspector Moles said that he had called on the prisoner and had asked her how she could account for the fact that she had been spending money very freely with Hoddesdon tradesmen.  She replied that she had not actually done so, but the following day, accompanied by her brother, she had come to the police station and had laid on the table the sum of £2.8s with the remark  “That is all I have left.  I only took four pounds out of the box”.  She also handed the witness a watch, a necklet, a brooch, and a pendant, all of which she had purchased.  The witness remarked that Mr Pallett had complained of £24.10s having been stolen, and the prisoner replied “I must not say who had the other”.

The following day, when the witness asked the prisoner “Could you assist me in finding the other money that Mr Pallett says he has lost ?”, she replied “I burnt it.  I put a lot of notes on the fire on Christmas morning after Mr Pallett had spoken to me about losing his money”.

The Bench adjourned the case for a fortnight.

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