The Stevenage twins in trouble again

Hertfordshire Mercury, 23rd January 1915


At a special court at Welwyn on Friday, before Mr J.L.H. Deards, Albert Enenezer Fox and Ebenezer Albert Fox, the notorious Stevenage twins, were charged with stealing six fowls, valued at 48s., the property of Mr Stanhope Bell, of Sissefernes Farm, Codicote, on January 13.

Both men pleaded not guilty.  PC Day, of Codicote, said that on Thursday, January 14, he received a report from Mr Bell that his fowl-house had been broken into during the previous night, and that six white Leghorn fowls were missing.  Witness saw where some wire netting had been broken down.  He found some footprints leading to Rabley Heath Road from the fowl-house, and about 500 yards along he found some blood and feathers.  The two defendants had been machining at this farm during the week, and he went in search of them with PS Wood.

On Thursday night he found them living behind a straw rick near Codicote Church.  Albert had got a sack with him with white feathers in it, Ebenezer also had a sack, but there was nothing in it.  Witness took them into custody, and brought them to Welwyn Police Station.  Witness turned the inside of Albert’s coat pocket out, and there found a white feather and also a pheasant’s feather, but did not find any feathers in the pocket of Ebenezer.  That (Friday) morning he charged them with stealing six fowls, and they both denied it.  Albert explained possession of the sack by saying that a man gave him some leggings, and he took a bag from Mr Bell’s farm to put them in.  PS Wood corroborated.  The Magistrate said there appeared sufficient evidence against the two men to grant a remand, and they would be remanded in custody for a week, for further inquiries to be made by the Police.

On Monday John Chamberlain (48) and Henry Appleby (48), labourers, of no fixed abode, were charged with being concerned with Albert and Ebenezer Fox in stealing the fowls.  PC Day gave evidence, and stated that in making further inquiries respecting the stolen fowls he received certain information where the fowls were deposited.  He proceeded there and took possession of them.  He then went in company with PS Wood to Old Knebworth and there arrested the two men.  The fowls were afterwards identified by Mr Bell as his property.  The defendants were remanded to St Albans Gaol until Friday.

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