Cowardly assault on a police officer

Herford Mercury and Reformer, 16th November 1850



Assault at the fair

On 5 November, Walkern Fair took place and everything seemed to have  passed off peacefully, until about 1a.m. the following morning, that is.

Pc Maddams stated he was patrolling the streets at that time when he heard a scuffling noise coming from inside the Red Lion public house.

Pc Maddams said he knocked at the door, which was fastened and asked after the cause of the disturbance. Mr Aylott, the landlord, was endeavouring to put George Maynard, a troublesome drunkard out of the house.

George Maynard had refused to depart and had clung to the door, trying to force his way in again. The Landlord called the policeman to his assistance, and Maynard was ejected, the door being then shut against all parties.

Maynard then refused to leave the front of the premises, struck Pc Maddams and ripped his uniform. Pc Maddams then took Maynard into custody. He was endeavouring to get Maynard towards the cage when several other persons attacked the Constable and rescued the prisoner.

They all then commenced beating and kicking the police officer, calling out “Murder the………..!” “Give it the…………!” and repeatedly knocking him to the floor..

Michael Ramsey got hold of the Officer’s stock and tried to strangle the police officer with it; Pc Maddams clothes were torn to pieces, and his hat cut into ribbons.

Fortunately, Pc Maddams was able to swear to the identity of eight of these cowardly assailants.

Inspector Bryant and the Constable apprehended seven men, who were taken before the Magistrates at Hitchin, as reported in another column.

The eight men then  absconded early in the morning of the sixth, and have not been seen since. The prompt apprehension of these fellows, and their punishment will, it is hoped, act as a warning to others, and have the effect of checking such wanton and cowardly outrages on police officers.


Petty Sessions 12th of November

George Maynard, Michael Ramsey, William Barell, Robert Draper, William Bracey, Daniel Bracey, and Arthur Aylott, were brought up on a warrant, charged with assaulting Pc Charles Maddams, in the execution of his duty, at Walkern fair on the night of the fifth instant. W. Bracey and Arthur Aylott were discharged.

George Maynard and Michael Ramsey were fined 10 shillings each and would be committed for two months imprisonment with hard labour if in default.

W. Barrell, Robert Draper, and Daniel Bracey were fined seven shillings each and if found in default, committed for six weeks with hard labour.

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