It's obscene!

Hertfordshire Mercury, 21st March 1914


At an occasional court in Welwyn, on Tuesday, Robert Widman (44), a labourer, of Newnham Lane, Goldington, Bedfordshire, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the public highway at Welwyn on the 16th March.  He was further charged with an assault on the police at the same time.  He pleaded guilty to the first charge but not guilty to the second.

Police Sergeant Wood said that at midnight he heard someone in North Street shouting and swearing, and using very obscene language.  He went up to the defendant and could see that he was very much the worse for drink.  The Sergeant then asked him to be quiet and get away.  The defendant said that he would not and that he wanted to be locked up.  He then turned around and went off up the London Road, shouting and using the most filthy language, and woke up all those in the Union.

P.S. Wood followed him, went up to him, told him he would arrest him, and took hold of him.  It was at this point that the defendant kicked the Sergeant on the shins and on the hip.  Police Constable Baker, hearing the noise, came to the Sergeant’s assistance, and the two of them took the defendant to the police station.  P.C. Baker corroborated the evidence.

The Magistrates fined the defendant £1 or 7 days’ hard labour for being drunk and disorderly, and £1 or a month’s hard labour for the assault on the Police.

The defendant chose to go to gaol.

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