Attack on a policeman

County of Hertford Convictions 1892


PC Wharton had been on patrol in South Mimms on the 22nd July 1892 when he heard a drunk Thomas Davey shouting obscenities on High Road. Wharton repeatedly told Davey to desist, and eventually decided to arrest him. Davey suddenly produced a table knife, saying he would ‘run you through with this lance you pig!’

Wharton sustained a hit on the cheek but twisted the knife from Davey’s grip. Davey then ran to a nearby ditch and grabbed some lead, telling Wharton he would ‘bash your brains out’. The Police Constable was undeterred and bundled him to the ground. By now assistance had arrived and the struggling prisoner was subdued and taken to the station with much effort.

Remarkably, Davey only received two months hard labour in Pentonville for this attack on a policeman

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