Assaults on the police

Hertfordshire Mercury, 4th September 1926


Emily Ansell (40) , wife of the previous defendant , pleaded guilty to assaulting the Police in the execution of their duty  on August 28th.

P.c. F.E. Wassell said that on the night of Saturday, August 28 , whilst he was assisting Constable Ash to convey William Ansell to the police station , defendant’s wife came along and assaulted him by striking him in the face several times and also kicking his legs in an attempt to get her husband away. He was just outside the Shire Hall and the blows were somewhat severe.

When asked if she wanted to say anything, defendant handed in a written statement expressing her severe regret at her unwomanly conduct . She was at home bathing her twin girls when someone shouted out that her husband was in a row . She went out and found him struggling with the police . In her anxiety for her husband she forgot herself and struck the policeman. She was the mother of five children , and for their sakes as well as her own  she hoped they would deal leniently with her . She felt her position keenly , and was really and truly ashamed of herself .

The Chairman : This is a very serious offence , but the Bench have taken notice of the statement you have handed in , and under the circumstances , though in the usual way this would have met with a serious fine , the Bench will only impose a fine of 10 shillings.

Thomas Oakman (28) , labourer , of the White House Lodging House , Railway Street , Hertford , pleaded guilty to an assault on the police on the same occasion.

P.c. Wassell said that whilst he was assisting P.c. Ash to convey William Ansell to the police station , Thomas Oakman tried to get him away from them . Whilst he was struggling , the defendant kicked him severely on the right shin, breaking the skin. At that point P.s Darton came along , arrested the defendant , and took him to the police station .

Defendant said he knew he was the worse for drink on the occasion named , but he did not remember kicking the constable .

P.S . W. Darton gave evidence that he was on duty in Fore Street at about 9.50 p.m. when he saw a crowd outside the Shire Hall . He went there and saw constables struggling with Ansell . Oakman was hanging on the back of Ansell  and kicking Constable Ansell on the leg. Witness arrested him and took him to the police station where, on being charged he said ” Not at all ”. Witness saw the Constable’s leg , the skin of which was broken .

The defendant : I was the worse for drink . If I had been in my right senses I should not have done it .

The Chairman said defendant would be fined 20 shillings.


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