Charges against a Green Tye man

Hertfordshire Mercury, 25th December 1915


At Much Hadham Petty Sessions on Saturday 18th December, Charles Hudgell aged 26, a labourer, of Green Tye, Much Hadham, whose case was previously adjourned so that he might have an opportunity of enlisting in the Army, had his adjournment revoked when the military rejected him.

Charles Hudgell produced a certificate showing that he had been rejected by the military at Hertford due to defective vision and an injury to his leg.

This rejection led to the two charges against him, of being drunk and disorderly, and of assaulting Pc Emerton on November 20th at Green Tye, being activated and brought before the Court.

Pc Emerton said that on the day in question, at 10.15 p.m., he saw five young men coming from the direction of the Prince of Wales and heard them using very bad language. Pc Emerton said he asked them to desist, and Hudgell, who was drunk, wanted to argue the point. Three of the men went away whilst Hudgell and another man remained; Hudgell said he should go when he liked.

Hudgell then pulled off his coat and struck the Police Officer in the face.  Pc Emerton said he closed with the defendant who fell on the ground and then kicked out at him.  When Hudgell finally got to his feet, he struck out again at the Officer and was so disorderly Pc Emerton had to arrest him and take him to the Hadham Police Station.

Hudgell stated that the Policeman assaulted him first, and that he could not have been drunk, as he walked to the Police Station.

Pc Emerton replied that he asked a man named Parker, who was on the green, to assist him in bringing the defendant to the Police Station.  Mr Minet thought  this Mr Parker should have been called as a witness.

Hudgell, in answer to the bench, said he had been rejected for the Hertfordshire Territorials but had been examined by Dr Love and attended the Hertford barracks under Lord Derby’s scheme.

The Chairman said Hudgell would be fined 6 shillings.

The defendant stated he had no  money and had lost a good many days’ work.  He was allowed a week for payment.

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