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A total of 1,017 crimes were reported in “C” Division for 1947, of which 415 were detected.


A Drugs Squad was formed on 1st January 1967, with a strength of one Detective Sergeant, one Detective Constable and one Woman Detective Constable, They will be based at Headquarters.

26 persons were prosecuted in 1965 for illegal possession of drugs; the figures for 1966 show a sharp rise.

In the first year of operation the Drugs Squad made 89 arrests for illegal possession of drugs. Two persons in the County died through drugs overdoses.


Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Daniel the Chief Constable issued new Standing Orders on 1 January 1898. A book was issued to each officer within the force. Some of its contents will seem unusual to officers of today.
Licensed houses -no Constable is to enter a public house, except on duty, or for the purpose of needful refreshment when some miles from his station.
Divine service – everyman, unless prevented by duty, shall attend divine service wants on Sunday. When attending alone they are to wear the uniform. Married men of the force of accompanying their wives are permitted to wear plainclothes.
Hair and beards –  hair is to be kept short. Every man must have his hair cut once a month. Men may either shave or not shave, but if a man wishes to wear a beard he must wear a moustache also and his face must not be touched by a razor. Men who shave may wear a moustache only and shape the cheeks and chin clean they may wear a moustache and whiskers. In this case the whiskers must be cut short, and must not come lower than on a level with the mouth, and a space of an inch must be shaved clean between the whiskers and a moustache.
Equipment – the use of walking sticks by men on duty during the day is prohibited. Walking sticks may be carried at night.
Smoking – no member of the force in uniform is allowed to smoke in public. This does not refer to railway carriages.
Dogs – the Chief Constable has no objection to Constables on rural stations being accompanied by a dog while on duty. A Constable so accompanied must always carry a string in his pocket, and must never enter any house or enclosed land without having his dog on a string.


Traffic Wardens will be introduced in Watford on October 1 if the Shrubbery multi-storey car park is ready by then, or on January 1 next year if its completion is delayed. The police proposal was approved by Watford Town Council on Monday. But before the vote was taken, Cllr J.S. Charman suggested that many people were apprehensive of Traffic Wardens because, he alleged, nine out of 10 of them “tend to become officious and indiscriminately give out those horrible little tickets”. Cllr Charman asked for an assurance that the main duty of the Wardens would be the prevention of offences rather than the punishment of offenders. (Watford Observer)


Report of the Chief Constable, who states that 662 persons have been apprehended or summoned during the quarter, of whom 530 have been convicted and punished, or committed for trial. The Great Eastern Company have proposed that their Police shall co-operate with the Police of the counties through which the railway runs to conduce to the better prevention of crime, which arrangement would be mutually beneficial.



The Chief Constable regrets to have to place on record that discredit has been brought on the force recently through two members having been found drunk. Punishment has been severe. Chief Constable looks to all ranks to assist him in preserving the good name for sobriety which the force holds. General Order 1 of 1927)  ( The 2 officers referred to were found drunk on Christmas Day in Hitchin and Hoddesdon and the first was also found to be improperly dressed ! Both were dismissed.)


‘Help us beat crime’.

Crimes recorded in Hertfordshire last year totalled 10,429 – the highest ever figure, the County Police revealed this week. The total represents an 11 per cent increase on the 1961 figure. The only possible counter-measure lies in the hands of the private citizens themselves, Chief Superintendent E.J. Player told the Observer. “They can take considerably more care in securing their property and premises and greatly assist the police by reporting anyone or anything arousing their suspicions”, he said. Far too frequently after break-ins had been discovered, said the Superintendent, neighbours could be found who would say: “Now I come to think of it I did see a strange man…”


Stansted Plane Crash I would like to thank the officers who gave support to Essex Police following the Stansted air crash, which happened on December 22. More than 70 officers including a number of Special Constables were involved in the operation, undertaking a number of key tasks including traffic control and searching the crash site area. The officers worked well in difficult conditions and displayed a high degree of professionalism throughout. Acting Assistant Chief Constable Paul Dockley (General Order 1 of 2000).


16 young Royal Air Force officers were killed when a Valetta aircraft crashed at Aldbury near Hemel Hempstead in fog and snow shortly after take-off from Bovingdon.

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