Game trespass

Hertfordshire Mercury, 3rd April 1915


Henry Wallace and James Capell, both maltsters, of Ware, were summoned at Ware Petty Sessions for game trespass on land in the occupation of Mr H. J. King, at Thundridge, on March 16.  Both men pleaded not guilty.  George Everitt, a gamekeeper in the employ of Mr King, said that on the date in question he saw the defendants coming along a path with three dogs.  The defendants leaned over a fence and urged the dogs to hunt the field.  They did not capture anything there, and they came to another field, where a dog put up a hare which was caught by one of the dogs.  The witness and his man went towards the defendants, who ran away.  The witness called after Wallace and told him that he knew him.  David Smart, under gamekeeper, gave corroborative evidence.

A Police Constable said that on March 16, at 4.30 , he was standing at the front door of the Police Station when he saw the defendants coming down Watton Road.  Wallace was leading a dog, and Capell’s dog was following.  Capell: ‘I beg your pardon, we came down the other road’.  (Laughter).  Supt Handley said there was nothing known against Wallace, but there were ten cases against Capell.  Wallace was ordered to pay costs, 7s. 6d., and Capell was fined 5s. with costs, 6s. 6d..

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