Wartime farming

Horse Hire Scheme, 1918
How to Manage an Allotment, 1917
BSM 892

To encourage food production at home the government reclaimed 4 million acres of grassland for farming.  A scheme to provide horses and equipment was offered to farmers by local Agricultural Committees.

Look at the record book.  Where did the horse come from ?

What do the remarks tell you about the horse ?

Despite these comments, how much longer does the horse continue to be used in farming ?

What do you think happened to the horse after it was sold ?

How important do you think animal welfare was in the First World War ?

Look at the next document.   What is this booklet about ?

Does the booklet belong to an adult or a child ?  How do you know ?

Does it look like it was designed for children ?

What does this tell you about children and food production at home during the war ?

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