Letting cattle run wild in Hertford is not a good thing !

Hertfordshire Mercury, 1st June 1918


At Hertford Borough Sessions, Edward Welch, of Hertford Heath, was summoned for allowing a herd of cattle to stray in Fore Street without being under proper control, on 20th May.

Superintendent Pear and Sergeant Hodder stated that the defendant was riding in a horse and trap behind a herd of 10 or 11 beasts which were rather wild, and were running about all over the street and pavement, and bolted up Church Lane and Bell Lane, whilst a number of people in the streets were frightened and rushed into the shops for protection.

The defendant said that the cattle were rather fresh and had never been the town before, but he had a dog which was quite as good as 40 men to look after the cattle.  If he had had another man, or even two, they could not have prevented the cattle from getting onto the pavements.

The Police contended that the defendant could not have proper control whilst riding in a trap some distance behind.

The Magistrates fined the defendant 4 shillings.

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