More boys in trouble

Hertfordshire Mercury, 21st August 1915


At Ware Petty Sessions Edward Albert Rogers (13), Charles E. Rogers (11), of Little Horse Lane, William George Irons (9), Herbert Franklin (10), and Thomas Nunn (8), Crib Street, were charged with cruelly ill-treating cows on August 10.  The two Rogers and Franklin pleaded guilty, and Irons and Nunn not guilty.  PC Winters said he saw the boys take sticks and chase 18 cows in a field at Cannons Farm.  They got two of them up in a corner and continued thrashing them until they fell over the hedge into the next field, and one of them was cut by barbed wire.  Mr Walter G. Clark gave evidence as to the damage done on this and previous occasions.  The two younger boys Irons and Nunn were discharged with a caution.  The oldest boy Rogers was fined 7s. 6d., his brother 5s., and Franklin 2s. 6d..


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