Italian organ grinder found guilty of cruelty to a donkey

Hertfordshire Mercury, 15th September 1900


At Ware Petty Sessions on Tuesday, John Rosademora, an organ grinder, residing in a lodging house in West Street, Ware, was charged with causing cruelty and ill-treatment to a donkey by working it whilst it was in an unfit condition.  Rosademora, an Italian who spoke very broken English, was understood to have pleaded not guilty.

PC Lovell said he saw a barrel organ drawn by a donkey in London Road, Ware, at about 8:45am and Rosademora was poking it in the ribs with a stick.  Rosademora said he had bought the donkey the previous week at Barnet Fair for 30 shillings and it was alright.  However, the donkey was walking lamely and on examining it, PC Lovell found a large wound under the collar, two wounds under the forelegs, which were galled by the belly-band, and the donkey was in very poor condition.

Inspector Berry from the RSPCA later examined the donkey and found a large wound on either side where the belly-band had chafed.   It was an old wound, but the animal was in such a bad condition it had to be carted to the police station.

In trying the case, the Bench viewed the donkey, and fined Rosademora 30 shillings, including costs.  He was warned that if he was brought before them again for working the donkey he would be sent to prison and advised him to have the donkey destroyed.  The Chairman also added that he had been treated rather leniently because the Magistrates thought that being a foreigner he did not quite understand the matter.  Rosademora paid the fine and later had the donkey destroyed.


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