Ill treatment, or not ?

Hertfordshire Mercury, 27th June 1914


At Ware Police Court on Tuesday, Frank Brand, a timber handler, of the Lamb and Flag, Colliers End, was summoned for failing to notify a case of parasitic mange at Standon on 29th May.

Police Constable Carter deposed that on the day in question he had visited Colliers End and had seen the defendant, to whom he had advised that he had received complaints that his horse had been suffering from parasitic mange.  The defendant said that he had not known that he had been doing any wrong, and that he had not worked the animal for 5-6 weeks.  The witness had asked him if the horse had been out on the roads, but the defendant had replied that the horse had been brought out to graze with other horses.  He was not aware that the disease was catching, or he would not have allowed the horse to leave his premises or to be with other horses.

The witness added that he had posted notices in the district, in 1911, showing the provisions of the Parasitic Order and the penalties that could occur if the Order was not complied with.  One of these Notices had been posted outside the defendant’s house.

Walter Golding, a veterinary surgeon, said that he had visited the defendant’s premises, on 31st May, to examine some horses suspected of suffering from mange, and he had found a brown gelding suffering from the disease.  It had been affected, more or less all over, and it had been treated.  He had examined the other horses and had found another that had been only slightly affected.  One of the horses had been destroyed, whilst restrictions had been placed on the other.  He had previously visited the defendant’s premises in 1910, for mange, but it had not been a notifiable disease then.

The defendant had nothing to say.

The Bench considered this to be a serious offence, adding that the defendant had made himself liable to a penalty of £20.

The Bench, however, decidedly to deal leniently with him by fining him £1 and 18s costs.

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