Traffic cops 1909/10

Hertfordshire Mercury, 8th January 1910




Charles Collins appeared before the Mayor, Mr Robert Odell and Mr W. Graveson (Chair) charged with “Furious Driving” in Hertford on the evening of Monday December 27th. Mr Collins of Railway Street, Hertford, admitted the horse was going too fast but was unable to stop it.

Giving evidence against Collins, P.s. Palmer stated that at approximately 7 pm he saw the defendant coming from the direction of the Great Eastern Railway Station driving his horse and cart at a “furious rate – about 12 miles per hour”.

P.s. Palmer said the vehicle went up onto the path near the Warren House and if anyone should have been standing there, they must surely have been killed. Charles Collins was fined ten shillings, including costs.

Irresponsible Attitude

In court in Hertford on the same day following an offence committed on the same evening as Collins, December 27th, Alfred French of Ware, pleaded guilty to leaving a horse and cart unattended in Railway Street, Hertford. Ps Palmer proved the case and Mr French was fined six shillings and sixpence.

Two more traffic cases were heard by R. Barclay Esq. at the midweek Petty Sessions Court in Cheshunt.


Isaac Burr of Hunsden was fined one shilling for driving a horse and cart with no lights on the night of December 12th, 1909.

Mr William Berg of Roseberry Avenue, London was charged with ill-treating a horse by working it in an “unfit state” in Cheshunt. Mr Berg was fined twenty shillings with three shillings and sixpence in costs for his cruelty.


Finally, the Hatfield midweek Petty Sessions Court heard the case against Joshua Franklin of Roestock, who was summoned for “allowing a horse to stray onto the Highway”, on December 27th 1909.

Giving evidence against Mr Franklin, P.c. Lawrence stated that he had seen the horse straying onto the Highway at 11.30 a.m. on the day in question. P.c. Lawrence said he had several complaints about this sort of thing happening.

Mr Franklin was fined two shillings and sixpence, including Court costs.

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