Bedford RL And Land Rover Forward Command Vehicles

Brian Homans

UGY 828F, Bedford RL 4x4 front view
UGY 828F, Bedford RL 4x4 rear view
1988 - the Bedford is replaced by a Land Rover E997 KAC
1988 Land Rover 127, E997 KAC
1988 Land Rover 127, E997 KAC with radio mast extended.

Sometime in the 1970s, as far as I can recall, several police forces were offered former Police Mobile Column vehicles as they were thought suitable for conversion to Forward Command Vehicles. Hertfordshire Constabulary acquired an ex military Bedford RL 4 wheel drive lorry, registration UGY 828F and put it to use for that purpose. It was also used for driver training on large vehicles. It continued in service until it was replaced in 1988 by a purpose built Land Rover, registration E997 KAC. This was built on an extended Land Rover chassis of 127 inches.

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  • I can remember taken driving lessons in the Bedford. On the parade ground which is now “OSB1” control room. Driving round cones, which most of the time you could not see. This vehicle was used when the “Jarrow March” came through the county. I was in the “control room” at the rear of the march, controlling the motor cycles by personal radios.
    I think it was put in first gear and ran on tick over. It was quite a beast to drive, top speed of about 50 mph, down hill! Uphill you could walk quicker.

    By Ivan Holder (29/12/2020)