Police Vehicles

Photographs Of Vintage Police Vehicles

Rick Cole

Fiat 900T Pulimino van
Humber Super Snipe
Humber Super Snipe at night
Vauxhall Viva HB

I am sending you some photos of police cars from my collection, that you might wish to add to your archive.

1) Fiat 900T Pulimino van VEW 41S Peterborough registration, 1st registered in June 1978.
PC Peter Waterfield is standing by his van, which will be used around the villages of Stotfold in Bedfordshire
and possibly Hertfordshire. Photo taken in 1978.



2) Humber Super Snipe PUR 945D. Registered in Hertfordshire in July 1966, possibly One of the last Humber Snipes used by the Hertfordshire Constabulary. Tom Florence (left) and Tom Mahoney are shown leaving their motorway checkpoint. Photo taken in 1966.






3) Humber Snipe PUR 945D. Motorway patrol at night. Photo taken in 1966.





4) Rare photo of one of the first Vauxhall Viva HB Panda cars used by the Hertfordshire Constabulary. WRO 805E was first registered in July 1967 This predates the (F) registered cars shown in many photos.
PC Wally Lawrence was one of the first equipped with the new Panda cars and a two way personal radio. He is making an early morning check on one of the building sites. Photo taken in 1967.

I hope you like these photos and to say you have a great archive.

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  • Great photos. Thanks for publishing them on our site.
    Ì don’t think the Fiat was ever used in Hertfordshire.
    Unfortunately I’m old enough to have driven the HB Viva, not the best vehicle for responding to incidents.

    By Ian Curley (22/04/2021)