Unmarked Traffic Cars

Brian Homans

1972 MGB GT based at Hitchin
1978 Ford Capri 3.0S based at Hitchin
1985 Ford Sierra 2.0iS seen at an Open Day at HQ
1997 BMW 328i based at North Watford

Over the years, the Traffic Division had a series of unmarked Traffic Cars. Their use was questioned in some quarters, but it was never the intention to use them for catching respectable citizens exceeding speed limits by a few miles an hour. They were intended to be – and were – used to catch the worst drivers on our roads, such as reckless drivers, drunk drivers and disqualified drivers.
Early cars were the MGB GT model. I drove one once and no more – they were too small and cramped for somebody my size and nobody made a shoe horn big enough to get me in or out!
Later we used the Ford Capri 3.0S V6 model in various plain colours. These were excellent for the job and at the time of their introduction were claimed to be the fastest mass produced British car available. I loved them and regularly drove the blue one, BAR 916T which was allocated to the Northern Traffic Base at Hitchin.
Later cars included the Ford Sierra and BMW 328i. Examples of each are shown here.

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  • Seeing the MGB, On my probationary traffic attachment in 72/73 at E div Stevenage spent a couple of days up and down the A1M. Learnt the verbal NIP off pat. The roller blind in the back window. My first panda beat was ES 23 the index was FAR176K. L.

    By John Lyness (Leo) Ret (13/02/2021)