Wolseley 6/90 Area Cars, 1954 - 1959

Brian Homans

Wolseley Area Cars around 1955 outside Hatfield Technical College.
Wolseley 6/90 Area Car, UUR 865.

The ever popular Wolseley 6/80 was replaced in 1954 by the 6/90 model with a larger 2.6 litre 6 cyclinder engine. Hertfordshire Constabulary bought a number of these as routine replacements for the outgoing 6/80s.
This force photograph shows a line up of Area Cars outside the Hatfield Technical College around 1955.
The four cars nearest the camera are the new 6/90 models, all first registered in 1955 while the two cars on the extreme left are the older 6/80 models. The other photo shows an individual car, believed at the old HQ in Hatfield.

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  • Amazing to find this page for my old car that I loved dearly as a family car is there in the picture-URO291. We had such great times -when only 19, I drove my parents and sister 2500 miles through France nearly to the Spanish border, high in the Pyrenees. We had this car for 8 years until written off in an accident, the offending man was prosecuted; we bought the car back from the insurance comany and kept it for a while until we sold it to a post office manager in Wales-so sitting somewhere in the hills there. I would love to hear from any ex serving officer anything on this car during its time with the Herts C. Regretfully I can’t buy another just now as have 3 other modern cars!

    By John Pollard (14/10/2020)