A Police Sports Car

Paul Watts

Hertfordshire Constabulary MG TC
Herts Police Historical Society

The photograph, which is believed to have been taken at the old Police Headquarters at Hatfield, is courtesy of the Herts Police Historical Society but the following information is from Brian Homans.

The car is an MG TC model and from a book called “MG’s on Patrol” there is one MG TC, Chassis No. TC0998, registration GUR 219 listed as being bought by Hertfordshire Police. The registration was issued in 1946 and it might be reasonable to assume that this is that particular car. (Note the contemporary number GUR 255 painted on an adjacent garage door). However, it is agreed that the records, which list all of the MG police cars that could be found at the time of writing, are by no means complete.

That said the Historical Society was once approached by a man who said he had restored an MG TC sports car which he had good reason to believe was originally a Hertfordshire Police car registered as GUR 220 – the next number to the one in the book. That was not an unreasonable claim but despite all efforts to verify this no record of it could be found in the Society’s archive.

When looking at the photograph you may wonder as to why there is what looks like a projection screen behind the rear of the car. Daft as it may seem, it is possible it was put there to show that the car had a radio aerial fitted, otherwise it would have blended into the background, but that’s only speculation.


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