Hillman Hunter Area Cars

Brian Homans

Around 1970, the Force purchased a small number of Hillman Hunter Area Cars. They were not in widespread use throughout the Force area, so I am very grateful to Robin Bracey for sending me this photograph of one of them, which I understand was based at St Albans.

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  • We had one of these Hillman Hunters when I was stationed at Rickmansworth 1972/73

    By Graham Sturley (16/07/2021)
  • Monty, it was probably the smoke from your pipe which obscured your view. I am sure it was grafted to your lips.

    By Ian wilton (13/07/2020)
  • I drove one of these as an area car driver based at Hemel Hempstead.
    Didn’t really rate them, they were a bit heavy and sluggish.
    I remember late one evening Tom Grundy, the Sergeant instructed me to catch a couple up who had just left the station and were heading towards St Albans.
    It was teeming with rain that night and I lined myself up to take a long sweeping left bend at about 90 mph on the approach to King Harry lane, when I saw a glimmer of a light where there shouldn’t have been one.
    I took my foot off the throttle and saw the outline of a mound in front of me.
    I braked hard but went into a four wheel skid and a number of simultaneous thoughts flashed through my mind.
    “They’ve built a b****y roundabout.”
    “I’m going to hit it.”
    “What will I put in my report.”
    “This is no good, what did they teach me at the driving school?”
    “Ah, cadence braking.”
    So I went into a cadence braking mode on the straight bits, managed to get down to second gear, on the curvy part and finally came to a halt on the other side, having missed the roundabout, with my heart going bump titty bump titty bump.
    I owe my miraculous escape not so much to any road holding characteristics of the car, they weren’t that good but to the instructors on my 5 week advanced driving course, who literally tore my previous driving system to shreds and built it up again.

    By Mike (Monty) Meehan (13/04/2020)