Hertfordshire Police Motor Service - 1931

Herfordshire Mercury, 27th February 1931


Hertfordshire Police Motor Service – For Patrol Work

In order to patrol effectively the roads of the county, the Hertfordshire County Constabulary is being equipped with a special motor service. The vehicles which have been supplied by the Hertford Motor Company, Fore Street, Hertford comprise : –

Two 29.8 h.p. Invicta saloons fitted with modern bodies, which are capable of a speed of 85 miles per hour : one 17.7 h.hp Morris Isis saloon, capable of 70 m.p.h. : three Morris Oxford ”six” cars , with a speed of 65 m.p.h. : five 9 h.p. B.S.A. combinations , with a speed of 60 m.p.h. : and two 4.5 h.p. , B.S.A. solo machines, also capable of a speed of 60 m.p.h.

The fast cars , motor-cycle combinations and solo machines will enable the Police to keep a watchful eye on those who disregard the proper use of the road, and will also enable them to follow and overtake any motorist guilty of an offence .

The Police Officers selected to act as drivers of the vehicles have, under arrangements made by the Hertford Motor Company, attended the Invicta works and Morris works for instruction on driving and maintenance .

Although the primary objective of the patrol will be to deal with road traffic, it will be available for other duties, and will enable the police to reach the place where their presence is required with rapidity.

In order to secure the best results from the patrol it is essential that early information shall be received by the police, and the co-operation of the public is sought in reporting matters promptly to the nearest police station or member of the Force.


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