Humber Super Snipe Estate Cars

Brian Homans

In 1964, many of the earlier Austins were replaced as Traffic Cars by the Humber Super Snipe Estate Car for both main road and motorway use. These cars had a 2965cc six cylinder engine and automatic transmission. They were a big roomy car but a bit roly poly on corners. The car had a bench seat in the front and it was necessary to keep your seat belt done up tight, to prevent you sliding across onto your observer’s lap on roundabouts.
This photo was given to me by the late Don Dowler, seen here with one of the cars. At the time he was PC 589 stationed at Hatfield.

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  • I am grateful to Clive for this additional information. I only ever drove an automatic.

    By Brian Homans (31/01/2021)
  • Humber Super Snipes were fitted with a three speed manual gearbox. I drove PUR 945D, CVC 203C among others the automatic was TNK 372E ex-driving school car sent to North Watford Traffic to finish its service.

    By Clive Knapp (30/01/2021)