Assault on the police at Hitchin Bacon Factory

Hertfordshire Mercury, 18th January 1913


Charles Taylor, of Hitchin Hill, was charged with an assault on PCs Payne and Godfrey on January 13th, 1913 while in the execution of their duty.   PC Payne stated that he went to the Bacon Factory in Nightingale Road, the defendant’s workplace, with PC Godfrey for the purpose of arresting him on a warrant on behalf of the Metropolitan Police.

Mr Taylor agreed to go with the police but asked to ‘see about his tools’. P.c. Payne said that these could be seen to later and knowing the defendants reputation, tried to put handcuffs on him.

The defendant resisted, picked up a heavy iron key saying that ‘he would brain him’. He dealt a blow at the policeman catching the side of P.c. Payne’s helmet as he dodged the attack. The helmet was knocked off the policeman’s head and a hole was cut clean through the helmet. P.c. Godfrey corroborated this statement.

In his defence Mr Taylor said that he had been fixing a 10-ton jack when the Constables arrived and said that he would go when he had finished,, but that the constable had refused to wait and that ‘he went at him like a tiger flying after a greyhound’.

The defendant pleaded guilty to this and a previous charge and was sent to prison for six weeks.


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