A Ware assault

Hertfordshire Mercury, 20th January 1906


John Cox, jnr, of Bowling Road, Ware pleaded guilty to assaulting Margaret Goodey, of Vicarage Road, Ware, on January 6th, and Margaret Goodey was summoned for assaulting Sarah Brett, wife of James Brett. The last named stated that on the day in question she went to Mrs. Goodey’s house and asked for her child, whom Mrs Goodey had agreed to adopt.

Mrs Goodey said she could not have it and knocked her down, got hold of her hair and pulled it out by handfulls. Her brother, the defendant Cox, then came up and she told him what had happened. Priscilla Deards, of Vicarage Road, appeared on subpoena, but as she declared she did not know anything about the case her evidence was not available.

The case against Mrs Goodey, who denied the assault, was thereupon dismissed. Mrs Goodey then stated that during the altercation between her and Mrs Brett Cox came up and knocked her down, and kicked her whilst she was on the ground. She suffered a good deal as a result, and had to be medically attended. She did not, however, wish to press charges against Cox. The defendant Cox said he did not kick the woman, but he admitted striking her because his sister was ”hollering”. The Bench inflicted a fine on Cox of £1.10s. including costs.


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