Gamekeepers brutally attacked - Rickmansworth


Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 11th November, 1871

Moor Park 1825
No 27 of R Akermann's Repository of Arts &c, Pub, March 1, 1825


Poaching affray-

On Sunday morning last between one and 2 o’clock, a murderous attack was made by five men armed with bludgeons and stones on three of Lord Ebury’s gamekeepers at Moor Park, Rickmansworth. The keepers in question were watching some preserves at Sandy Lodge farm, not far from Moor Park, when the five poachers set upon them with bludgeons and stones.

Benjamin Green was shockingly maltreated by blows on the head, and while down on the ground and covered with blood, the ruffians kicked him in the back and on the body, rendering him insensible. Upon slightly recovering and attempting to get up, the brutal fellows dashed two large stones in his face. George Brown was likewise similarly treated.

James Green, however, has not received such as severe injuries as his father or George Brown. The ruffians left behind them snares, nets, etc, to the number of 19, and after injuring the gamekeepers in the manner described, managed to get clear off. Mr Codd, surgeon, of Rickmansworth, is in attendance on the injured men, who all are in a most precarious state. The police of the district are in active pursuit of, and have some good clue to, the miscreants. Lord Ebury offers a reward of £100 on the apprehension and conviction of the offenders.

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  • Yes this was a huge article going on for weeks regarding the attack of my great uncles. One of the attackers were from Berkhampstead seen getting on the train with his black dog and also spotted in a pub in Watford later in day. James Green was brother in law to my grandfather ‘James Goodman ” who also worked at Moor Park for lord Ebury and lived at Astons Lodge, part of the Moor Park Estate.

    By Carol Goodman (06/09/2018)
  • Good Evening
    My great Great Grand father John Seabrook 1821-1900 worked for Lord Ebury as a Game keeper at sometime in his Life.He died in NorthChurch in 1900.
    Would you have any info or Records of Lord Eburys workers.

    Regards Martyn Seabrook

    By Martyn Seabrook (26/09/2017)
  • Benjamin Green was my great great great grandfather and James, my great grandfather was born in 1872 so maybe this James is his uncle. Have been researching family history and just came across this. I knew they’d been gamekeepers in Rickmansworth

    By Linda Beer (ne Green) (22/11/2016)
  • James Green and Benjamin Green are my second and third great granddads.
    Many of the family worked at Moor Park. Going further back in time too. They lived in Moor Park, in the lodge. Some were actually born in Moor Park.
    It was a big family, connected in with other families who worked there too, such as the Goodman and Dancer/Dauncer families.
    Its exciting finding out about my family history although I have to say, even though I never personally met them, I do feel quite upset by the fact that they were hurt like that.
    Thank you very much for publishing this article.

    By Gillian Harris (03/11/2015)